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My Story

It began years ago as I traveled North America speaking to groups both large and small. Some audiences were less than a hundred people in a room while other stages placed me in front of thousands upon thousands. Regardless of the size of the audience, the request was always the same; empower our people to become better leaders. I’d read every book out there on leadership and attended more than my share of leadership events. All were good, but all still very much the same.

"What did I have to offer as a leadership teacher?" 
"What could I possibly contribute to this completely saturated space of personal development?"

The answer, ironically, came by looking internally at the very organizations I had started and grown over the years. Mission-based organizations that had the employee energy, thriving culture and relentless will to succeed that everyone so desperately desired.

Years later, that step of faith turned an uncertain guy who nearly went bankrupt into a speaker who would travel the world helping over one million people become more servant-driven. Looking back, it humbles me to see the places around the globe my work has taken me. I have met so many people who have not only enriched my life, but become lifelong friends. 

Nowadays, my passion is to be a catalyst on and off the stage. Encouraging a generation to understand the greatest leaders are first and foremost great servants. 

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