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Sometimes, a "fresh voice" is Needed

  • Our organization needs more than just the standard motivational message

  • We need a message that is engaging but filled with tactical information 

  • Our organization needs to be uplifted with a message that truly resonates

  • Our team desires to grow as leaders, but doesn't want to listen to the same old information

  • Our entire organization hungers to be inspired by a message that can truly "move the needle" for our organization

  • We need an "fresh voice" to bring wisdom to our work and strengthen our leaders

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Bob Upgren is one of the most in-demand speakers on leadership, innovation and mission-based work. He has spoken and consulted for many of the prominent brands in the world, including Disney, Coke, GM, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, Scotts, Humana Health, Cisco, and Sharp Electronics to mention a few. He has also become one of the most trusted voices in the educational world, working with hundreds of thousands of educators from the top school districts in the United States and Canada as well as the largest youth associations in North America.
Over the past two decades, his organizations have also worked side by side with professional athletes, Hollywood stars, government officials, military leaders and at one point, even a former mafia boss who was profiled as one of the ten most powerful mafia leaders in the world. (tell me that’s not an interesting)
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Live/Virtual Keynote Deliverables

We understand how many organizations today hunger for teaching that truly has value. Ultimately, they desire someone that’s willing to focus more on being authentic than entertaining. Gone are the days of being able to captivate people with comedy, gimmicks and superficial cliches. Truthfully, your team not only wants better, they deserve better.

  • Imagine how fulfilling it will be when you talk to the people in your organization and how impacted they were by the presentation.
  • Imagine watching their perspective on serving others come to life as they learn the Servant Driven Leader framework.
  • Imagine what could happen to the effectiveness of your team if they could learn how to become more disciplinedresilient and servant-driven
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Why a Servant-Driven Leadership Keynote is so Effective

The right keynote speech delivered expertly can completely transform the atmosphere of an event and open up engaging conversations and learning opportunities among attendees. Our Servant Driven Leadership content creates a buzz many events desire from a keynote. The message, imagery and teaching are so transformational you will have people praising you for bringing such a relevant message to your event.

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