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Never, Has a “fresh-take” on Leadership 

Been More Important.

We can talk all we want about the circumstances around us. They're tough, no question. I understand the challenge of trying to keep your people moving forward in a good direction. Watching them default to unproductive narratives and behaviors ultimately harms the culture of your organization. I get it. The hard truth is this: In order to navigate these times, leaders must offer more effective and innovative learning opportunities than ever before. I’m talking about programming that truly moves the needle. I don't simply think the concepts of Servant-Driven Leadership possess that "needle moving power", I know they do. I've applied them in every organization I've founded and they work again and again and again.

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The Value of Implementing Servant-Driven Leadership in Your Organization

Dr. James Sipe and Dr. Don Frick compared Jim Collins Good to Great Companies to “eleven publicly-traded companies that are most frequently cited in the literature as being servant-led. So, how did these servant leadership companies perform against the competition?

In the study, the S&P produced a 10.8% return. Companies profiled in Jim Collins Good to Great book delivered 17.5% returns. And finally, according to the research, Servant Led organizations turned out a shocking 24.2% return.

Interestingly, when you merge the tactical approach of the Good to Great companies with the redeeming qualities of a Servant-Led company a fourth category is born.  Servant-Driven Leadership encompasses the virtues of Servant Leadership with the productivity of Good to Great companies.

In short, Servant-Driven Leadership fosters a culture that passionately serves people at the highest level and produces annual returns that exceed all expectations.

Curious how the Servant-Driven Leadership plan can help you and your organization be more productive in your personal and professional life? 

Watch now to learn more.

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Countless Countries.  Multiple Continents.  1 Extraordinary Message

Bob has traveled the world, from remote sugar cane villages in the Dominican Republic to bustling Thailand cities and quaint Mexican coastal towns, ultimatley learning servant leader principles that strengthen teams and build healthy organizations.  Bob’s engaging keynotes are a compilation of unforgettable travel stories that introduce some of the most incredible servant leaders on the planet. His powerful message of servanthood will put your people on the edge of their seat and leave them with tangible take-aways they can immediately apply to their life and work.


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My Story.

It began years ago as I traveled North America speaking to groups both large and small. Some audiences were less than a hundred people in a room while other stages placed me in front of thousands upon thousands. Regardless of the size of the audience, the request was always the same; empower our people to become better leaders. I’d read every book out there on leadership and attended more than my share of leadership events. All were good, but all still very much the same.

"What did I have to offer as a leadership teacher?" 
"What could I possibly contribute to this completely saturated space of personal development?"

The answer, ironically, came by looking internally at the very organizations I had started and grown over the years. Mission-based organizations that had the employee energy, thriving culture and relentless will to succeed that everyone so desperately desired.

Years later, that step of faith turned an uncertain guy who nearly went bankrupt into a speaker who would travel the world helping over one million people become more servant-driven. Looking back, it humbles me to see the places around the globe my work has taken me. I have met so many people who have not only enriched my life, but become lifelong friends. 

Nowadays, my passion is to be a catalyst on and off the stage. Encouraging a generation to understand the greatest leaders are first and foremost great servants. 

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Searching for a Leadership Speaker for Your Next Event?

Bob Upgren is one of the most in-demand speakers in North America on Servant-Driven Leadership. His work has permeated nearly every corner of society including the sector’s of church, education, non-profit, corporate and government.

Work with Bob

What People Say

"That was Crazy..Crazy... Crazy what you just did!" 

- Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

"In the first 90 seconds I turned to my assistant and said "He is going to be the best speaker we've ever had. "

- San Antonio, TX

"He's like a can of Red Bull on stage! His passion, energy and wisdom is off the charts!"

- Portland, OR

"Once in a Lifetime! He has changed not only the lives of the people we serve, but the lives of our leaders as well."

- Ontario, CA