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Developing Your Leaders Doesn't Have to be Difficult

  • My organization doesn't have consistent leadership training in place

  • Our organization has lost it's desire to serve

  • Our organization could benefit from a unified language

  • Our team desires to grow as leaders, but don't know where to start

  • We have drifted from our mission

  • We need an objective voice to bring wisdom to our work

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Your Plan to Grow Your Leaders & Build Your Culture


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The power of Virtual Mentorship comes through consistent videos that are easy to consume & never overwhelm.

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Why the Consistency of Weekly Virtual Mentorship is so Effective

Every organization has values, every leader has a leadership philosophy and every employee has a distinct personality. Yet, there is one underlying trait that helps build credibility and trust: consistency. Consistency is such a strong driver that even consistently average performance allows for more trust than inconsistent leadership ever will.

“Deciding to be a Servant-Driving organization can set you apart from the competition by establishing a rallying point for your team. But declaring you are Servant Driven—and sticking to it—requires real guts.”

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Virtual Mentorship Benefits?

  • A renewed passion to serve.
  • A consistent pattern for growth
  • A weekly video to discuss & apply
  • A trusted voice to learn from
  • Confidence you have a leadership plan in place 
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How Will Your Team Benefit From Virtual Mentorship?

The results of Servant Driven Leadership are exponential. By leading as a servant, you multiply success and satisfaction both personally and professionally for you and your team.The Servant-Driven Leadership model is effective today because it reflects how people want to be led. Gone are the days of command and control leadership, where people don't have an option or opinion of how to bring their best to the table everyday.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for our Virtual Mentorship Program and you'll gain immediate access to our weekly video series on Servant Driven Leadership. Your yearly license provides 36 Servant-Driven Leadership teachings for one year that everyone in the organization can watch and apply.

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